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One of the things we do at The Irish Anchor is showing matches of any kind of sport. We usually put football, rugny or golf, but you can always ask for a match on our social media and we will see if we can fit it in the program so you can come with friends and watch it.

We also put a big variety of leagues in these sports, so imagine what a great time if you come with a group of friends and have a bet on who will win the match or the league. That with a beer or a cocktail can make a weekend really intresting, so what are you waiting for?

Every week we post on our social media the program for the week and we make updates everyday if there’s any changes or updates. So if you what to know when are we showing a specific match you can see it there or ask us what do you want to see.

If you’re thinking of a different kind of plan for this weekend for your friends and you, come to The Irish Anchor and have fun!

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