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The Irish Anchor | Irish Bar en Costa Adeje

One of the things we do at The Irish Anchor is showing matches of any kind of sport. We usually put football, rugny or golf, but you can always ask for a match on our social media and we will see if we can fit it in the program so you can come with friends […]

Irish Festival in Costa Adeje

The Irish Anchor | Live Music in Costa Adeje

We make a lot of events in The Irish Anchor, one of the best was our Country & Irish Music Festival the 30th of January 2020. All day having live concerts with the best irish atmosphere. The Duke Shop had that day an incredible event where everybody was invited, family and group of friends. We […]

Aces High at The Irish Anchor

The Irish Anchor | Live Music in Costa Adeje

On weekends we always have live music of every kind, and who came to the irish pub last time was Aces High, and alternative rock group that made the floor shake. It was a great night with everybody enjoying the music with friends and a nice drink. We leave a video here of that night: […]

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